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Wednesday, April 25th 2012

5:01 AM

Little lolita teen sex


Related article: Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 09:37:26 -0700 From: Steve Thomas Subject: Cole's Dreams, Ch 16This is a work of pure fiction, based on the author's feelings, beliefs, and in some cases, experience. There may be graphic sexual encounters at times between men, so if this offends you, you are invited to retreat. If you are too young or it is otherwise illegal for you to be reading this kind if story, shame on you for reading it - - please stop here. If not, - - ENJOY!Cast of Characters:Cole Alexander Stephanson IV -- Our heroJazz -- (Jack Zachary) Coles oldest brotherDiane -- Jazz's wifeRod -- Coles middle brotherIgor (Iggy) -- Cole's Tutoring PupilCole Alexander Stephanson III -- Coles DadEthyl Stephanson -- Cole's momRex Remlin-- Rod's best friendGus Hartwin -- Cole's BoyfriendMichelle -- Cole's old girlfriend.Dexter -- Iggy's boyfriendEd -- ParamedicManolo -- ParamedicSteve -- Manolo's boyfriendDiane -- Jazz's wifeRandy -- Found BoyCurtis -- Found boy's brother From Chapter 15:"Move over Babe. Randy's sleeping with us." I said."K." Gus said. He rolled over to the other edge of the bed."C'mon, kid!" I said, After I peed. I jumped in behind Gus and held open the cover for Randy."(Sniff) k." He crawled in after me. "What do you want me to do first. I'm good at it all." He said."Nothing, Randy -- Nothing." I said. "Just let's go back to sleep."Chapter 16I was true to my word. We didn't touch Randy. Well, not technically. Well, maybe technically was how we DID touch him! Anyway, When I woke up -- early -- Randy had spooned into me as close as he could get. My pee-boner was hard against his crack -- well on the outside of his stained white boxers. It was too dark to see last night, but he didn't change into any of the new underwear. I had on underwear too.I closed my eyes and top list rated loli tried to go back to sleep. Randy moved, as if he were trying to move up even closer to me. It made my boner flex. He giggled. He was awake!I pretended I was still asleep and noisily turned over, and then really DID go back to sleep, imagining I could hear his pout. When I woke up the next time, it was the wall lit up by the sun that woke me. This time I was nose to nose with Gus and as consciousness took hold of me, I became aware that his breath was pretty strong. I also became aware of another pressing issue. Randy's boner on my butt this time. I turned my head and he was grinning like a little boy. He not only looked very young - -"Okay, Dude, there has to be some rules. I didn't kick you out of bed last night, because I felt sorry for you. But Gus and I are -- in love -- and -- you can't be -- um 8 y o lolitas -- doing things like this.""Oh." He was visibly pouting by now. He sat up on the tiny kiddie nude lolitas edge of the bed, brooding. "I just -- just wanted to show you -- how much I appreciated what you have done for me.""Well, it was my mom that did it for you.""But it was your idea.""Actually it was hers.""Oh." He pouted some more. "But you were the one to -- find me.""(sigh!) That would be Gus, Randy. He knew your brother -- and you! You knew that.""I was kinda hoping you had something to do with it.""I held you most of the night, Randy. I do care. But I have a -- a boyfriend -- already.""At the shelter, two guys would have me at once -- usually. Sometimes it was more. I bet both you and Gus could - ""Don't even finish that sentence, Randy." Said Gus "We don't do that.""Maybe you should try!" He pouted."We have tried. It didn't work.""Oh. Okay. But if you ever want - ""We won't.""I'm just saying -- I'm really good -- everyone says so -- I wouldn't expect anything in return.""Randy, my mom and my partner have given you a gift." I said firmly. "Just accept it."He looked at me oddly and without expression -- or much emotion -- said, "No one has azar nafisi reading lolita ever given me anything -- worth anything."I wanted so much to hug him. That was when Gus DID hug him. I watched his face go from no emotion to controlled to contorted. Then a tear tried to form. I then came and hugged him from the rear. He started to breath really fast -- trying still to stop the emotion. "Let it go, Randy -- Let it go!" Gus crooned. "It's okay. Both of us understand what you are feeling. It's okay here, buddy!"He gasped, then almost choked as he let some of his emotions show. He lay his head on Gus' shoulder and shuddered out a sigh. "That's right. Just relax and let it happen."He could not cry though. He clung almost desperately to us, but his emotions could not come out. He snuffled his nose on Gus' neck. Gus giggled. Then he picked Randy up and held him by the butt, as Randy wrapped his legs around him. He turned and sat him on the edge of the bed, then sat next to him."Dude, any time you want to talk, you come to us -- okay?""K". he said, his voice dry and hoarse."And I EXPECT you to come often! So you can call Curt, if for no other reason. Do you want to call now?"Randy shook his head. "Later!" He managed to croak out. Obviously he didn't want to be so emotional when he spoke to his brother."It's kinda early guys. Shall we go back to sleep?" I suggested."I'll go back to my room." Randy said."You don't need to." I said."Actually that's not a bad idea," Gus offered, "So your parents don't get the wrong idea. Their trust means everything to me."Randy went back to his room. We went back to sleep. I woke to a soft rapping on my door. "Come in." I said. Gus woke up.Dad poked his head in, and when he saw we were presentable, he came and sat on the bed."Boys, your mom and I have been talking."" `Bout what?" I said."Well -- we feel like the things that led Randy here were just all too coincidental to be -- well -- pure coincidence.""Uh-huh." I said, not at all getting where he was going with it."We can't justify sending that poor kid back to that shelter. I know they are doing what they can for the kids there, but I also know it's like a prison. The little kids get -- well -- abused terribly -- by the older or bigger ones."Yeah, we got that idea from Randy." I underage pussy model lolita said. I looked at Gus. He shook his head slightly, so I didn't tell Dad about his admissions last night about being "done" by several guys at once. It sounded abusive to me at the time, but I was kind of excited by it as well. I'm thinking that's how Randy must feel."Anyway, how would you boys feel if we invited him to stay with us?"I was blown away. Totally! "You -- you -- would -- do that?""Well, we were going to do it for Rex, and because of Rex, Randy has come into our life. Just because you happened to catch his eye at the church. Seems to us that maybe -- just maybe -- well, maybe this is what was supposed to happen.""You mean like God sent him to us?" Gus asked."Something -- er -- like that." Dad sounded uncomfortable actually saying it. He saw the look on our faces. "Look, we -- your mother and I -- don't go to church. It seems almost strange if God is -- inspiring us -- to do something good.""Maybe He inspires everyone to do good, Dad." Gus said. I again was blown away how easily he called him dad. "Only, maybe not everyone listens. Maybe that's why some people NEED to go to church. To remind them what they should be doing."My dad's mouth dropped open. He shook his head. "Out of the mouths of babes - " he said. "Yeah, you may have something there, Gus!""Hi!" Came Randy's voice.Dad turned around and broke into a huge smile when he saw Randy. "Morning, Randy! Sleep okay?"Randy looked at Gus, then grinned back at Dad. "Yeah -- after I finally got to sleep.""You had a problem sleeping?""I'm not used to sleeping -- on a bed. I started out there, then I laid on the floor. But I got lonely."I was worried what he may say next. We didn't do anything, but for some strange reason I was feeling a little guilty."I went and laid on the floor next to Gus and Cole. I was almost asleep when Cole wanted to get up and take a piss. He almost stepped on me. After he peed, he let me sleep next to him, but some time in the night, I went back to my own bed.""Oh." Dad said. "You used to sleep with your brother a lot?""Naw. But at the shelter -- I -- um -- usually ended up in someone's bed. Usually a bigger guy. I never slept alone.""Uh -- you're kinda -- um - " dad stammered a little, "You look pretty young, Randy - ""I know - ""Did you have to -- um -- do anything for these bigger guys -- that they allowed you to sleep with them?""Yeah. All the time." He said it so matter-of-factly that I was stunned. I couldn't even talk that plainly to my dad. "They taught me how to do everything."Almost ignoring what Randy said, Dad said, Did you finish high school?""No. I stopped going when I was kicked out. I work 40 hours a week -- minimum wage. I pay the shelter a little for my keep. I like that part. A lot of the guys there don't pay their own way!"Then Randy changed the subject altogether -- as if he talked about this all the time and was now ready to move on to something else."Did I hear you mention something about church?""Yes, before you came in.""My parents used to go to church. pictures 14yo lolita nude I can remember. They took us with them.""Did you like it?""I liked it. The Sunday school teacher was nice. But my dad can't seem to get along with anyone. So it wasn't long before he was in a fight -- or something -- with one of the church members and then with the preacher. We never went back." He looked sad about that."Do you want to go today?" Dad said. (Could'a blown me over!)"Really?!!" Exclaimed Randy. "That'd be the coolest!"Randy's back was to me. ukrainian little girls lolitas My eyes hit the ceiling. My dad gave me a small dirty look, then smiled back at Randy. "Well, then today we go to church!""KEWL!" Randy said.Then Dad got a little worried look. "Um -- but Randy ...?""Yes?""In Sunday school -- um -- well, most of the kids there are not so -- um -- open -- as you are with their sexuality -- or talking about it. It would be best if you save that for -- us guys and maybe -- well, that's all for now. Get showered and dressed. The boys got preteen lolitas pic pay you some nice clothes you can wear to church right?"Randy looked at me. I nodded. "Yup!" He said.At the breakfast table, Dad spoke again. "Randy I want you to think about something. Ethyl and I talked about this last night and again this morning. We want you to stay here -- with us -- instead of going back to the shelter.My jaw dropped. Dad continued. "You don't have to tell us right away. I'm sure you will have to go back and tell them what's going on. But think about it for a day or so -- if you want.""I wanna stay here!" He said -- just that very young sex lolita quick. tiny kiddie nude lolitas He grinned at Gus and then at me. "Gus! Can I use your phone?""Sure!" Gus handed his phone to Randy."Curtis? This is Randy! Okay. Yeah. Gus's phone. Uh huh. Guess what? They asked me to stay here! The Stephansons! You know -- the people Gus is staying with! Yeah. Yeah. YUP! And guess what else? They're taking underage black lolita models me to church with them! I know! Okay. I love you too. Bye!"Randy made a dash for his room. "Hey-ey-ey!" Mom called. "Where are you going?""Take my shower. Get ready for church!""Church isn't for three hours. Come eat breakfast first, honey." Randy beamed when she called him that.Dad fixed waffles and mom did eggs and bacon. Orange juice was always present at our breakfast table -- and milk. Randy seemed to not be able to get enough milk."Tomorrow, I'll go to the High School with you. You will need to go back and finish school. What grade were you in?"Randy looked dismayed. "I -- no! I've got a job! I little lolita teen sex can't!" He looked more scared than anything else."You need to finish school, Randy." Dad said. "If you stay here, you have to go to school. That's the rule. Both Cole and Gus are going -- and you will too.""Don't wanna go." Randy scowled and looked at the floor."Why not?""Dad -- he'll be going back a year. He knows everyone there. And they know him. He can't go to Downey.""Oh." Dad said. Randy looked relieved at that. "Okay then -- Ep, will you be willing to take him over to Warren?" Earl Warren is the other high school in Downey. "I mean every day?""Kids from here go to Warren, dad. He just has to know the right bus to take.""Well, anyway -- would that be easier. Randy?"Randy swallowed hard and said -- to the floor, "I guess."After breakfast, Randy again made a bee line to his room. He showered and put on his new clothes. His overgrown hair touched the collar, making him look even younger than he already did. He nearly shined when he came out -- two hours before church!"OOOO! Don't you look handsome!" my mom crooned. Randy beamed.Randy was very impressed with the Downey First Presbyterian Church. It was built around 1920, and rebuilt in the 70's. It was an old Spanish type of architecture. There was a wonderful pipe organ and a small but nice choir. And he seemed fascinated top list rated loli with Rev. Blank.After church, the minister greeted lolita model nude com my parents, and said, "Well, the rafters are still standing!"Dad laughed and said, "You thought when we came to church they'd come down didn't you? We do most of our worship at home.""Well, what ever you're doing must be working. I met your new house guest this morning.""Randy?""Yeah. He looks so much better than the last time I saw him.""Where did you see him?""At the shelter. I have a ministry there. Randy always was shy about talking to me. But this morning he was very talkative. And looked like a new person. I hope you bring him back.""That'll be up to him, Rev. Candy.""Cole, I know he's been pretty abused there. We try to do what we can -- along with the community -- but boys will be boys -- and sometimes that means using each other -- if you know what I mean.""I am aware of Randy's proclivities, Candy. I hope that won't be a problem here.""We have found that it's hard to keep boys like that from preying on other -- weaker boys. Randy was the weak one at the shelter. But we'll keep an eye on him here. There are some pretty young and impressionable boys here." Seeing a slightly disapproving look on Dad's face she continued. "Cole, we don't have a problem with this -- as you say, proclivity, but -- we have found through sad experience that boys like this -- no matter how good they try to be -- can easily stray. And what's sad is they don't even know it is straying.""I am aware of this Candy.""Are you aware that we can refer Randy to a psychologist -- to teach him reality -- what is right and wrong and expected in society? A psychologist -- THIS one especially -- is very good at getting through to kids this age.""I -- um -- Thanks, candy. We'll think about it.""Are you his legal guardian?""He's 18, candy -- and doesn't need a legal guardian.""Oh! I didn't know! But he was at the shelter - ""He had no other place to go. And he wasn't 18 when he went there. Now he's with us.""Cole, if he's 18, we have to really be careful. He MUST be warned that any `mistake' he might make could have legal consequences.""Thanks, Candy. I appreciate your reminder. You have a great day."At lunch table, Randy said, "I really like Rev. Candy! I knew her at the shelter.""Yes she told me. She really likes you too. She's worried about you." Dad said."Why?""She didn't know you were 18. She knows how tempting it is -- at the shelter especially -- to experiment and play with other boys.""Yeah. That's true""Well, being 18, you could get into a lot of trouble -- even if the guys are bigger than you are.""K.""Okay? Is that all?""What else is there to say?" Randy wasn't being a smart ass. He was just that way. He said things just as he thought them. He was shy, but he wasn't complicated."Well -- nothing I guess -- if you understand that.""Thanks. I lola teen bikini models do." I wondered if Randy was holding back something. He showed very little emotion, except when he talked to his brother. Even last night -- he seemed too cool. When he went back to his room he seemed like -- well -- resigned to it -- or something. Then his eyes lit up. "I met some people in Sunday school. They go to Warren High. I told them I'd see them tomorrow.Dad flashed me a concerned look. I shrugged. "Guys? Girls?" I said."One guy and two girls! They all liked me! They said I could join the YFC.""What's that?" Dad said."Ummmm - " Randy stammered."It's the Youth Fellowship Club." I answered. "Used to be called `Youth for Christ', but then they said it could not have Christ in the name. But it's the same.""That's ridiculous!" Dad said."Yeah," tiny kiddie nude lolitas I said, "especially since there's an Islamic Club. They're new and they weren't even challenged when they registered it with the school, two years ago."We settled into a routine. Mom and dad bought Gus and me a new computer, but it was obvious -- to me at least -- they did it so mine could go to Randy. Randy really seemed to like going back to school. His first day was scary to him, but when he got there, he realized -- he was about the same size and maturity of the other juniors. His study habits came back easily. Mom and Dad took him to church every week -- as they used to do the rest of us. Dropped him off and picked him up. He seemed to crave it. He never seemed to mind -- or even notice -- or care -- that he couldn't drive.Jazz Visited free german lolita pussy more and more often -- like he was doing before his first blow up with Diane. He complained to Mom that it was too cramped in that small bedroom with his kids. Since Randy was full time with us, he got the larger of the two rooms that were left. Actually ours was larger, but then there were two of us. But I could see that it was very cramped in that room with Jazz and his three kids. I was the one to make the suggestion."There's plenty of room for another bed in our room, Mom. Maybe for a couch? Jazz could stay with us when he comes." Gus covertly gave me a bewildered look. I asked about it later."What?" Gus asked."Why the funny look when I suggested that Jazz stay with us?""Oh! Haha! Well -- this is really silly! When you said it, you said `Jazz could stay with us when he comes.' ""Yeah -- so? OH! Pffft! `-when he comes'! You must have been -- HORNY! What am I saying? You're ALWAYS horny!" I exclaimed."Uh huh! And you're not!" He laughed. "And your brother is pretty hot!""Ewwww! Gus! He's my brother!""So's Roddy! And you played with him!""Gus! That was 15 years ago. We were 5 and 8 years old -- or so!""Okay. Anyway, I guess that will cramp our style when he's here, huh?""I guess. Sorry I didn't ask you first, Babe.""No, that's fine. But you know - - he did ask if he could watch us!""I'm kinda hoping he forgot about that!""You KNOW that's not so. If his relationship is still not so good with his wife -- he's probably been thinking of little else!""Gus! You sound excited about it!""I have to admit - - I've thought about it a few times since he asked!""You're sick!""I know! Tell me you don't like me this way!""I LOVE you ANY way, Gus! I LIKE you flat on your back!""OOOO! I see you are getting a little hot thinking of that!" He said as he grabbed my crotch thru my shorts. My meat jumped to his hands embrace. "I KNEW it! You're hot for my bod!""I'm always hot for your bod!" I quipped. And I attacked him, pushing him down on the bed. I dry humped him, while we kissed deep. We were both getting pretty worked up, when Jazz walked through the door. We sprang apart like we were two opposing magnets!"Don't stop on my account! Looks like you were pretty into it!" Jazz said, staring at the wet spot on my shorts. Gone was the "holier-than-thou" or the superiority look he used to have. He just looked intrigued and like he wanted in on some of the fun."Not now, Jazzy. It's the middle of the day!""Sex knows no time table!" He came back with."It does when Mom and Dad are right down the hall in the living room!" I answered."Good thing -- for you -- that their bedroom is at the complete other end of the house!""Yeah! Dad has actually come close to `catching' us. But he has the good sense -- or class -- to always knock first." I said, with the emphasis on the "HE".Ignoring this, Jazz said, "So if I come sleep with you guys tonight, you'll -- uh -- -- mmmm?""Jazzy, you're a nerd! Hee hee!" I giggled. "You sound like a little preteen that's talking dirty for the first time!""That's how I feel, Coley! You have no idea how it's - - " all of a sudden he got choked up. "Diane and I are talking -- again pictures 14yo lolita nude -- but -- that's all!"I looked at Gus. He nodded. "Jazz, we don't perform on command. But yeah, c'mon in and if we -- erm -- feel like -- um -- doing something -- I guess you can -- haha -- watch!"Then jazz underage black lolita models said, "Okay! Um -- you were doing SOMETHING when I came in. You can proceed!""Oh! Yeah! Thanks for reminding me. When top list russian lolitas you walk in to our room -- if the door is closed -- please knock!""Sorry." And with that he left. And closed the door behind himself. We heard him giggle as he walked down the hall."Well, that sort of broke the mood, eh?" Gus said. "Let's go down to the beach this afternoon! It's pretty cool, but it'll be nice to run in the cool afternoon air."The beach he was referring to was the beach at Long Beach. It was about ½ hour away by car. We could run from there to Belmont Shore and back. That might make us tired enough that we would not want to do anything else tonight. I wasn't looking forward to "performing". But I knew that Gus was. Well -- maybe he would be the one who would perform!When we got back from our run, We just plopped down in the living room to watch the end of a Raiders' game. They had won the first two games of the season, but lost miserably to Houston. Well, not THAT bad, but they shouldn't have lost at all! I fell asleep for awhile and then Gus was touching my arm. Wake up Cole. We need to get cleaned up for dinner."Huh!?" I said, startled. I looked at him, smiling down at me. "Oh! I was dreaming.""Anything good?""I -- don't exactly remember." I lied. I remembered exactly. It was an erotic dream. It was with Gus -- thank God! -- and also Jazz and Randy. We were all on my bed, doing everything I ever knew about -- most of which I'd never even done! We were all out of breath, laughing, breathing hard, and crying out in ecstacy!"Okay. Well, I wanted to wake you because it's time to get ready for dinner -- and you were moaning. I couldn't tell if it was a good moan or a bad moan.""It was good!" I said, not thinking."Oh! So you did remember!""Not really, but only that it was good, that is felt erotic and that," I paused for maximum effect, "that YOU were there! (Well? He was!)He helped me up and we went to pictures 14yo lolita nude our room, and then to the shower. The bathroom opens to both our room and the hall, so we just lock the doors when we are in the bathroom. As soon as we were washed off, Gus started to suck on me. I liked it, but stopped him. "I'm gonna have enough trouble tonight as it is.""Aw, it's okay, I'll do all the work for your brother!" he said and he went back to sucking and bobbing fast until I exploded in his mouth. He started to laugh."Man, that must have been some dream. I don't think you ever came so fast!" He stood up, cum dripping out of his mouth. I grabbed him and licked off the excess from his face, then we kissed deep. I felt a squirt push out of my own. I caught it with my finger and giggling, offered it to him. I fell against the shower wall, with the shower running down my front side. He covered that with his own front, and we kissed long and hard. The smell and taste of cum was so strong and so delicious! We rinsed off good and got out. After drying off, we brushed our teeth.When we came to the table, there was chicken divan for dinner. There was something different besides. Wine glasses! We normally didn't drink. I wondered what the occasion was. So I asked Mom."I dunno, honey. Jazz brought some wine and wants us to drink it tonight. I think he just saw a deal on the wine, so he bought it.""Maybe he wants to drink some, but doesn't wanna drink alone." Gus said.By the time dinner was over, I was very, very relaxed. Jazz kept refilling my glass. I objected at first, but after the third glassful, I didn't care. He did the same with Gus. Jazz's kids were in bed right after dinner and a story with Grampa.Here's how the rooms are set up:Going down the hall, first was the Bathroom, then our bedroom. Then 8 y o lolitas was the next room -- where Jazz and the kids were -- then came Randy's room. The living room was on the other side of the hall wall. On the other side of the living room was the dining room, followed by the kitchen and then my parents bedroom suite.As luck would have it, Mom and Dad had somewhere to go. So as soon as they left, we went to bed. My head was still swimming from all the wine -- I'm not used to alcohol. I barely noticed when Jazzy knocked and came in. Both Gus and I were just kind of zonked from the wine, but when Jazz came in, we perked up a little. Jazz was in pajamas and he climbed into our bed without being asked. I was on the other side of the bed, and Gus was in the middle of Jazz and me.Gus crawled on top of me when Jazz got in and started to kiss me. I was vaguely aware that Jazz was there, but I didn't care. I was semi hard and never got any harder than that. I figured it was because of what we did right before dinner. But try as he would, Gus could not get it hard -- HIS, not mine! He was getting frustrated and then angry."It's okay, Gus -- Baby -- it's okay," I comforted, It's probably `cuz Jazzy's azar nafisi reading lolita here!" And I busted up laughing.Jazz was watching all this. "I'm sorry, guys!""Sorry for what?" I asked."I think I gave you too much alcohol. It's all my fault. I was only trying to relax you!"I turned and smiled at Jazz. "I'm relaxed! But I thought liquor made you more sexy!""Maybe one or two drinks can loosen you up." Jazz said, "I'm afraid all I gave you did more than relax you -- it made you limp! I'm so sorry!""Hey!" Gus said, "Hahahahahahahaha! The laugh's on YOU! Hahahahahahahaha!" With that I also started cracking up. Jazz saw the humor in it and laughed too, though he wasn't nearly as drunk as Gus and I were. We laughed ourselves to sleep.Notes: Guess Jazz's little plan backfired! A good lesson tho. Alcohol is a depressant. It can "loosen you up" okay, but it also lowers your sex drive, and can keep you from getting hard.Any comments may be sent to Steve at s4dhotmail.com. Thanks and love, Steve Bottom line: Love will Rule in the end.
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